Best Tips to Keep Wasps and Bees Away

Bees and wasps are a bit different in structures but equally dangerous. They are social insects that are sometimes helpful but sometimes wasps like to be solitary. But, if you try to invade their nests, they bite you to save their habitats. If you want to relocate their nests then you should contact professionals like us. Pest control experts are the best option when you have any of the infestations in your homes. The best way to stay safe from these pesky bugs is to stay away from them at a certain distance. 

Tips for keeping bees and wasps at bay

Keeping these pesky bugs at bay is very important as to whatever extent they must do good to you but they don’t back out from biting if you try to invade their residences. Most of the time they don’t harm you till when you don’t come in their way. 

  1. You should plant flowers at some noticeable distance. This will reduce the chances of bees humming around in your surroundings. 
  2. Keep checking your windows, decks, outside ceilings. These places are considered to be the most favourite of these buzzing insects.
  3. They can even invade your wall cracks. So, do not forget to fill up the holes and cracks on time.
  4. Dryer sheets and mothballs are a good option to keep bees and wasps away. As these products have a certain smell which these bugs hate.

Five effective measures to keep wasps and bees away from your house

  1. Wasps and bees traps

To curb the number of insects, these traps work great. These traps help to reduce the number of these bugs in one go. But, this does not work when you have a nest at home. This method is for nearby nests. Don’t try DIY traps because they don’t work well. Buy the legit traps from the market.

  1. Citronella, thyme, and eucalyptus smell

Smells of thyme, eucalyptus, and citronella keeps these insects away. They generally hate the smell of these plants. You won’t have to plant them particularly, you can just buy the potted plants and keep them outside. Citronella candles also work like magic tricks. Their scent repels wasps big time. They stop wandering around you and also bother you.

  1. Cover the food items and garbage lids

Bees and wasps are generally attracted by food and water. If you leave the food open, they will keep buzzing around you. It’s better to cover the food items, cans and also the garbage bins. If possible you should store your bin in a garage or vestibule.

  1. Sealing up the cracks and holes of the house

Sealing up the window lines and patching up the tiny cracks is what you should do. These measures stop the entry of these bugs into the house. You should even get your power lines to the entrance sealed. Even a small hole or crack can be trouble for you.

  1. Make a spray of plain soap and water

A combination of dish soap and water is a great mixture to keep these insects away. You can make the mixture of the town in a spray bottle. When you spray this mixture on them, they die on the spot. This combination seals the entry of insects into the house.

Professional Help Can Do Wonders

You have many options to remove the bees and wasps now. But, sometimes when you do not get the expected results. Then it’s good to take the help of professionals. They have all the required knowledge of all types of pests and their eviction procedures. So, when you hire professionals pest controllers, you get a long-term solution for all your pest problems. Just give us a call for any pest infestation and we will be there for you in a few hours. You will notice a sustained decline in the number of pests right from our first visit. You can call our experts now at 03 4050 7720 and get a free quote.